Senior Care Providers

Silverfit: Helping Organizations and Seniors Succeed

Well-rounded exercise therapy programs can help attract new patients, increase satisfaction, and motivate customers to come back. Our therapeutic groups are designed for seniors (age 65 and older) and perfectly complement your existing program.

Silverfit works with any company that strives to improve the lives of older adults. We have a proven track record of contracting exercise therapy services to hospitals, nursing facilities, local community organizations, and other elder care providers.

Our goal is simple: to augment the quality care that these institutions already provide. In addition, our number one priority is patient safety. We are proud to have significantly improved patient safety at several facilities by decreasing the occurrence of patient falls through strength, flexibility and balance training.

“Matthew has been a valuable asset to our inpatient geropsychiatry unit. He possesses a strong understanding of mental illness, cognitive impairment and issues related to aging in addition to his knowledge of personal training and body kinesthetics. He is always well prepared, and his groups have added much value to the therapeutic component of our program. I highly recommend him for your facility or to work with any individual consumer.”

Emily-Anne Garland, MA, LCPC, RN, BSN, BA
Director, Geropsychiatry Program
Frisbie Memorial Hospital

We have worked with Hospitals (Geropsychiatry Units) and Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities to improve the lives of their patients and residents. Our programs:

  • Improve coping and social skills
  • Improve self esteem
  • Maximize physical health
  • Decrease isolation
  • Increase participation in treatment
  • Encourage prove camaraderie between patients
  • Considerably decrease agitation amongst individuals
  • In some cases, decrease use of restraints

Our program is a great addition to any community’s elder services and can help strengthen your city or town’s support services for older adults. Teach seniors learn new ways to cope with the stressors associated with aging while getting exercise and having fun doing it.

To learn how Silverfit can be an asset to your organization or community and take your existing program to a new level, contact us at